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If you're thinking about moving house you're certainly not alone – we're in the thick of one of the busiest moving months of the year!

Using data from the Canada Post Change of Address service, we can get a general idea of why people tend to move, how far they move and the timing of their move:

Reasons for moving: 22 percent of Canadians are moving because of work-related reasons while 20 percent are upgrading their home. Another 17 percent move for family reasons.

Where do people move? While the vast majority of Canadian families move within the same province, the trends show that 13 percent move to another province and four percent move outside the country. Among all movers, Atlantic Canadians are most likely (58 percent) to stay within the same city.

When do people move? Summer is generally the preferred time to move, with twice as many households moving in July as compared to January. Regionally, Westerners are most likely to move throughout the year while in Quebec, moves quadruple in July.

If you're just in the initial stages of planning to buy or sell a home, please call today for the latest real estate updates and moving tips!

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The decision to buy a house is the biggest financial decision most people will ever have to make, so it's no surprise that it can also be one of the most stressful decisions too. So, is now a good time to buy or sell, or should you wait?

Concern about the spiraling cost of real estate in some parts of the country has prompted predictions of an impending correction in the country's housing market.

Responding to that speculation, Canada's finance minister, Joe Oliver, has expressed his opinion that, as he continues to monitor the rising housing prices closely for signs of overheating, he is "not especially worried."

"I'm monitoring it regularly, but the Bank of Canada as well as the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, which is the organization that insures most of the Canadian mortgages (about 70 percent) both feel we're looking at a soft landing," comments Oliver.

If you're selling, you'll want to get as much as possible for your own home, but then of course not have to overextend your finances for your next property. And that's where today's low interest rates can be the buying motivator.

Many feel they can't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of today's historically low financing rates, which can allow carrying a mortgage to be comparable to paying rent in some areas.

What's the right move for you? Let's talk about your own specific circumstances. Please call for a no-obligation discussion today!

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Moving house isn't just about loading your furniture into a removal truck and unloading it in your new home. It also requires you to pack up your memories, and emotionally disconnect from the place where you held parties, celebrated anniversaries and raised your children. Drawing a line under a chapter of your life is tough. But if you refuse to pack your emotions along with the winter clothes, you unwittingly sabotage your chances of a successful home sale.

Selling their home can feel like cutting off an arm for some sellers. But if you still see your property as your home and not as a product to be packaged for sale, you won't be willing to make the changes necessary to achieve the quickest sale at the best price. Ultimately, you will lose money. Emotionally detaching from a home is never easy, but you can do it with these tips. 

1. Take your time

If you don't have to move quickly, don't. Your agent may be pushing you to list by the weekend, but that is her agenda, not yours. If the thought of leaving makes you tearful, slow down and only list when you and your house are ready.

2. Enlist help

You may not be able to pack away the family photographs but your sister, mother or husband might. Get support from your family and friends.

3. Be honest with your agent

Your agent acts in your best interests on the assumption that you want to sell your home.  She will not know how difficult this is for you unless you tell her. Be honest. If you don't tell your agent how you are feeling, and instead sabotage your chances of success by rejecting her advice, you are setting the relationship up to fail. This will make the situation more fraught than it needs to be, and you may lose out on a good deal.

4. Hire a home stager

Even if your home is in good condition, a home stager can remove your personal items and package your home ready for sale. As well as showing your home in its best light, staging will make the house feel less like your home and more like someone else's. It's a subtle but important step toward detaching.

5. Give buyers space

Regaling would-be buyers with your own personal take on the house will make them uneasy. You may have fond memories of little Jack crayoning on the wall in the kitchen, but buyers need to see the house as a blank canvas which they can make their own. Buyers need to be able to talk openly about the things they like or don't like about the home. Don't react angrily to their criticism, or you risk losing the sale. If you can't handle it, leave the house during viewings, and let your agent handle the business.

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