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Especially in hot markets, buyers can feel pressure to make snap decisions. Taking the time to view potential properties a second time can be invaluable in helping buyers avoid making a decision they'll regret.

First viewings tend to be emotional. Buyers are assessing whether the property feels right; many "fall in love" with what they see. A second viewing allows you time to process those emotions and figure out whether you could have a lasting relationship with this home, or if it was just infatuation at first sight.

First viewings also tend to be general, as buyers focus on the big picture: How big is the home? How many bedrooms are there? How many bathrooms? On a second viewing – when your emotions have cooled and you're able to look more critically – you'll no doubt notice things you missed the first time. Perhaps that second bathroom isn't a full bathroom, or you didn't realize how little storage space there is, for instance.

On the other hand, a second viewing may be just what it takes for a property to move from your "maybe" column to your "yes" column. Having had time to reconsider those things you weren't crazy about – and having seen what else is out there – you might just decide you can live without that kitchen island or you don't need that much storage space.

Lastly, a second viewing allows you to check out the area at a different time of the day or week. Were you first there on a weekend? If so, what's it like during rush hour? Was your first viewing during the day? What's the neighborhood like at night?


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